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Best Toddler Bed Rails Reviews 2022 – Top 4 Picks

Parenting toddlers is like a page ripped from the house of emotional pain book.

Toddlers can be a lot of work. They need full-time attention.

They are prone to accidents all the time, day and night. It is possible to keep watch of your toddlers during the day, but what about nighttime?

Will you stay awake all night? No!

What happens when your baby falls out of the bed multiple times at night while you are dead asleep?

Thankfully, there is a product that ensures that both you and the toddler have a peaceful night, toddler bed rail.

It comes a time when your baby can't fit in the baby crib anymore. During this period they have to transition into a toddler bed.

Baby's sleep in all shapes and forms when they young, that heightens their chances of falling out of their beds each time. To avoid this, you have to get bed rails for their beds.

All you should do is install bed rails that keep your baby from falling off the bed and injuring themselves.

These rails, however, are meant for bigger size beds, not cribs and toddler mattresses.

If your kid suffers from seizures, toddler bed rails will provide a solution that stops him/her from hurting badly.

4 Best Toddler Bed Rails 2022

If you are not looking to cage your child entirely, this is the best rail in the market.

Hiccapop bumpers trigger the child's natural passive safety response subconsciously.

It serves as a simple reminder to keep the kid in the bed and lets the child know they should move away.

If you like your décor simple, this bumper assures that.

It is less noticeable and also allows the child not to feel caged.

It has a non-skid bottom that doesn't slip off the bed easily.

They suit almost all mattresses and have proper height.

Their material is polyurethane that makes them safe and comfortable.

To set them up, all you need to do is slip them under the bed covers.

It's like two bolster pillows on each side to ensure you child stays tucked in the bed the entire night.

It is simple to install because it does not require any tools.

In a minute or two, you are done installing them. Easy!

They offer 100% guarantee. The company allows you to return for a full refund in case you are not satisfied.

Hiccapop checks out all safety standards for rails.

If you look at it keenly, they act like a co-sleeping buddy for your toddler, right?


  • The bumpers are soft and comfortable.
  • It is easily portable and lightweight.
  • It's easy to remove covers for washing.


  • It may not work for fitted crib sheets.
  • It doesn't stay in place really well.

If your kid were used to sleeping in a baby crib, ComfyBumpy would help him/her transform to sleeping in a toddler bed.

It is taller than other rails, but it compiles the new safety regulations.

It uses quality materials, and it's secured to the crib's frame, not the mattress.

It doesn't have exposed sharp edges that could harm the kid, and it folds down allowing for easy changing.

Its design is made to allow it to fold down completely for convertible cribs.

Seeing that it is put on the frame, it is simple to install and requires no tools.

It secures the frame tightly with slats and springs using Velcro. All you need to do is pull on the latch to remove the bed rail quickly.

The flat iron bars hold up until your baby outgrows it. It is made for all bed sizes; twins, doubles, queens, and kings.

The breathable mesh padding is durable, so you don't have to worry about it tearing or fraying.


  • It is easy to install.
  • It suits toddlers who are restless.
  • Very sturdy and stays in place.


  • It may not fill all cribs.
  • Folding needs some time getting used to.

Parents are happy when their babies snooze, but they are happier knowing that they are safe for the night.

Safety 1st bed rail is designed for mattresses between 4" to 10" thick.

This is the kind of size that could come with single, double or queen mattresses.

There are different brands of mattresses available in the market. Before purchasing a new mattress checkout SleepDelivered's take on the differences to make the best choice for you.

Railing, whether partial or low, is essential to keep your child from rolling out of bed. Toddler beds assist you to feel way better around your child's security throughout the night. 

It has a secure tech indicator that ensures that you know everything is locked in properly.

This gives parents peace of mind knowing that the baby won't fall off In the middle of the night.

This goes to show that the product puts safety to mind first.

It is one of the sturdiest rails because it ensures that it stays on even when the toddler's weight tries to remove it.

The rail doesn't shift or buckle. It is 12" to 18" high hence offering enough security above a mattress that is thick.

It's neutral color blends in with any décor.

The length is safe for kids aged two to five years maximum. It has integrated handles that allow you to install and move the bed rail easily.

With no tools required, it is easy to assemble and install.

The top of the mattress design eliminates dangerous gaps between the bed and the rail.


  • It takes three minutes from box to bed with no tools required.
  • Has an indicator that lets the parent confirm everything is locked well.
  • Eliminates potentially dangerous gaps and ensures complete safety.


  • It may not fit all cribs.
  • It feels flimsy.

Summer Infant Bed Rails are perfect for solid and slatted bed bases.

The fabric is sturdy, and it is used as a locking-anchor mechanism to secure the bed rail in place.

It can be adjusted into various heights to allow for it to fit onto different bed sizes.

Its 3-stage folding mechanism allows your toddler to get in and out of bed comfortably.

The folding also ensures easy changing of linen without having to remove the bed rail.

If your baby goes to visit the grandparents and you have no use for the rail, you can fold it and store it away till they are back.

If you are a traveling family, the single fold is very convenient to travel with when on holiday.

It comes in white, blue and pink.

Most people go for white because it is a neutral color and it goes with any décor. It measures 42.5" L * 21"H.

The rail requires minimal assembly and installation. They come with anchors that provide stability.

You should extend them to the required length and hook the anchors.

It is possible for a single person to install it with ease.

It meets the current ASTM F2085 bedrail standards. The material used is also effortless to clean or wipe off in case you have a messy toddler.

They hug the mattress, but the material is friendly on the material.


  • It has no risk of entrapment for the toddler
  • Great price.
  • It is easily portable and lightweight.


  • It's not easy to assemble compared to others.
  • Some customers claim it does not fit queen sized beds.

Features to Look for When Buying Toddler Bed Rails

1 - Safety

The primary idea for getting toddler bed rails is to keep your baby safe at night. So you need to make sure that the product you purchase has the highest standards of safety.

Whatever model you chose, has to be able to stay put no matter how many times your toddler kicks it.

2 - Hinged Fold Down Wall

You need to purchase a rail that enables you to fold down the wall. Make sure it has a release latch on both sides to make it convenient when making the bed.

If you like to cuddle with your toddler before bed or read them a story, you will need to consider a rail that can fold.

3 - Assembly and Installation

Make sure to read instruction of assembling before buying the rails. Knowing the instructions allow you to spot if there is a hardware missing.

You need to verify all the pieces you need are present to make sure that assembling and installing will be easy for you.

4 - Fabric and Décor

Parents, mothers especially take their décor quite seriously. Every piece has to fit; crashing is not an option.

To avoid making your décor unattractive, take time and get rails that blend with the bed and the bedroom.

Make sure as well that the fabric of the rail allows easy airflow and ventilation.

The scratchy or noisy material can make your toddler very uncomfortable at night, which is what you must be trying to avoid in the first place.

What happens when you open up the box and realize something is missing?

Or something doesn't fit? Make sure that before buying, the company has a free return policy. It's advisable to go for the products with a lifetime guarantee or a warranty feature.


You might think that bed rails are an accessory that is unnecessary, until one night your toddler falls off the bed, cries for fifteen minutes straights and has a huge bump on the head. Then, you will run to the stores to look for the perfect bed rail.

If your toddler remains still throughout the night, you are one lucky parent. However, if he/she is active even in their sleep, better get a bed rail.

However, whichever the rail you go with, remember to put safety first. Rails are not too expensive to accommodate in your budget, and if you think about it, it's certainly worth it.

hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers Bed Rails - Editor's Choice

We highly recommend Hiccacop bed bumpers. Of all the bed rails, they are the most convenient and easily portable. It doesn't restrict your toddler as much as the other bed rails do. It is the easiest and quickest to set up with absolutely no need for tools.

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