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Best Nightlight for Toddlers Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

It is perfectly normal and safe for your child to sleep in a different room.

This practice will help him or her to get used to sleeping alone.

However, many children may develop a fear of the dark. One way to keep this fear in check is by buying the best nightlight for toddlers.

Nightlights can help a toddler feel safe and protected. It will help them to get through a night with peaceful sleep.

There are some other products like a white noise machine that will aid in putting a baby to sleep.

You can even buy a night light for baby. The amazing thing about nightlights is that it helps in a child’s development.

Nightlights can help in developing a baby’s brain.

They console a child and helps them to get over their fear of the dark. It also serves as a source of light for children who wish to go to the toilet at night,

In this article, we will review the five best nightlight for toddlers.

5 Best Nightlight For Toddlers Reviews 2022

The best nightlight for toddlers is the Lumipets LED Nursery Night Light.

We chose this product as the best because it comes with many reliable features and qualities.

It does not give off a blinding light, rather a soft glow that will not disturb the sleep of your kid.

It is cordless, which means that you can place it anywhere you want without worrying about a plug point to connect it to.

It also means that it comes with a rechargeable battery, which is much easier to use, in our opinion.

You can choose a number of different colors and modes.

It doubles as a toy during your child’s playtime. It has an adorable look that every child will like.


  • Your child can use it as a nightlight or a toy
  • Lots of different colour choices
  • Soft light, creates a nice ambiance
  • Good customer support


  • Takes a bit of getting used if you don’t have a remote
  • The remote is super cheap and flimsy

If you prefer your kid’s nightlight to perform multiple functions at one go, the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine might be a good option for you.

Three distinctive features of this product set it apart from other products.

It works as a nightlight, which is the most obvious function.

Besides this, it also operates as a white sound machine to help your child to fall asleep easier.

You can even use it as a sort of alarm clock.

All you have to do is press a button from your phone, and it will make a sound to wake your child up.


  • 3-in-1 multifunctioning product
  • Easy to use
  • An aesthetically pleasing design
  • Highly recommended by other parents and buyers


  • Slightly over-priced
  • It’s not WiFi... only Bluetooth
  • No battery power option

Another excellent option for a nightlight is the Bubzi Co Baby Toys Owl white noise sound machine.

One distinctive feature of this product is that it also works as a cute snuggly soft toy.

The white noise that it creates will further help your child to fall asleep without much problem.

It can sing calming lullabies, and your child can use it as a toy during the day time.

It requires AAA batteries that come along with the package.


  • Your child can use it as a plushie
  • You can wash the owl after removing the lights
  • It can sing soft lullabies
  • Controllable volume


  • The plastic case to hold the battery may melt after extended use
  • You will need to replace the batteries often

Brightworld Moon Galaxy Lamp stands out with its out of the world design.

Literally! It has a distinctive moon-shaped design with colors and prints resembling that of a galaxy.

The colors constantly change, giving it a surreal look.

You can change the colors and brightness using a controller.

A fully charged battery will last at least 15 hours, and may even extend to 30 hours in dim light.

It comes complete with a wooden stand.


  • Unique design
  • You can easily control the brightness using a controller or simply touch
  • Long-lasting battery and easy to carry


  • Takes a long time to charge fully

The Neojoy Remote Control Kitty Night Light is another adorable nightlight that comes in the shape of a cat.

It does not require any plug point to place the cord.

It is fully portable with a rechargeable battery.

The outer cover is a silicone that you can wash without much trouble.

The manufacturers have added the feature of remote controllability that you can use to change the colors.

You can even change the mode of lighting from flashing, fading, strobing, and breathing.

If your child does not want any of these, you can set it to any static color of their choice.


  • Cute and adorable desgin
  • It has 6 static colors to choose from
  • Soft surface, easy to clean
  • It is surprisingly soft and squishy


  • It takes long time to fully charge
  • The sensor is very sensitive


There are several reasons why you should get the best nightlight for toddlers.

These children reach an age where they develop a fear of the dark, and you, as a parent, should try to get rid of this fear before it becomes a serious concern.

While searching for a night light, you should check whether it uses a battery or requires a plug point to light up.

You can choose after you finalize your preferences. Check whether it serves as just a nightlight or can work as a toy or a white sound machine too.

Lumipets LED Nursery Night Light - Editor's Choice

In our opinion, the best nightlight for toddlers is Lumipets LED Nursery Night Light. It has an adorable design, and you can wash it easily. The battery is rechargeable and doubles as a toy during the day.

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