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Best Toddler Scooter Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Having kids at home for summer is fun but just for a few days or if not hours.

To get them out of your hair, you have to keep them active and not indoors but outdoors.

The best part about toddlers is that they get distracted fast, and they like being outdoors.

You should, therefore, take advantage of this and get your kid the best toddler scooter on the market.

Besides, kids love to scoot, and you won’t regret buying the top scooter.  The problem though is getting the best in a market full of scooters.

But, even before buying the scooter, you may be wondering if it is important at all.

Well, besides being a great form of entertainment as your child scoots and competes with their friends, it is an excellent form of physical exercise.

Scooting also helps build gross motor skills while enhancing coordination and balance. These three are integral parts of development in toddlers.

With time, you will also note an increase in your child’s confidence since they can overcome some fears.

You can also get a scooter to prepare your child to ride a bicycle and finally, a scooter for everyone in the family including the baby (toddler) is a great opportunity for outdoor family fun.

5 Best Toddler Scooter Reviews 2022

Summer is being the perfect time for outdoor activities; it is important for you to give your kids the best outdoor playing tools to get them active and occupied for long.

To catch your child’s attention for a longer duration, you’ll need a trendy toy and the scooter is the perfect one.

Toddler scooters work well for terrible two and considering the mischief toddlers get to and the damage they may cause, you’ll have to get them a scooter.

Besides, they look great on scooters as they make new friends.

One of our favorite scooters for toddlers is this Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter.

It is perfect for two to five-year-olds, and your child will love being able to surf on the sidewalk.

Besides being a fun way to spend the summer holidays, it is an excellent form of exercise.

For the stability of the scooter, it has smooth gliding Micro Mini 3’s wheels, safe steering, and low-to-ground deck.

The unique design of the mini scooter features a lean-to-steer mechanism which means children use their weight for leaning to the right and left.

They learn to lean intuitively and in the process, they develop balance and coordination that is important in many other sports they’ll take part in as they grow.

The Micro Mini 3’s wheels have a high-quality design, and they make for the quietest and the smoothest rides.

If you worry about bumps on the sidewalk, then you shouldn’t because this scooter has a reinforced deck made of fiberglass.

This deck is flexible and absorbs bumps.

It is safe hence the certification from the CPSC for use by children weighing less than 44lbs.

Safety features include the non-marking wheels which allow kids to scoot all the way home safely.

These features make it perfect for use by kindergartners and preschoolers.

Just be sure to get them helmets, elbow and knee pads whenever they are riding.


  • The wheels have an impressive and safe turning radius.
  • It is lightweight but durable and sturdy for long use.
  • The rubber wheels work great even on uneven surfaces.
  • All parts are replaceable.


  • The handle height is not adjustable.
  • It takes a while to figure out the turns.

The excited look on a child when riding is priceless, and if it means seeing that face almost every day, then we know that we have to get our kids the scooter they have been begging us for.

Being summer, your child can scoot away, enjoy the sun, get physically fit and make friends.

But, before you blindly get a scooter just because it looks good and looks like someone else’s there is something more important to look out for – the safety of your child. 

You have to look for the best scooter that meets the highest safety standards.

One of our favorite scooters for kids is this Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter.

It is perfect for beginner riders because it helps develop coordination and balance.

It is perfect for toddlers aged two and above.

The balance on this scooter comes from the extra-wide base while stability results from the two front wheels.

For a clear kick path, this scooter has a tapered base.

The safety of this scooter results from the special design of the turning radius.

Its turning radius provides a high level of safety, and it doesn’t compromise on the mobility of the scooter.

It also has a foot brake which adds control. The foot brake is on the rear wheel, and it’s easy to control.

This scooter is easy to use and easily maneuverable thanks to the safe and easy steering wheel.

Steering the wheel helps your child build their balance as well as coordination.

The two wheels at the front help in steering the scooter.

For comfort, the scooter’s steering handle has an ergonomic design for a perfect and a comfortable fit.

It holds a maximum weight of 50lbs comfortably.


  • Extra-wide base for maximum stability and a foot brake for extra control.
  • It has two wheels in front for stable steering.
  • Designed for beginner riders developing balance and coordination.
  • Specially designed turning radius provides safety without compromising mobility.


  • The steering is stiff and hard to control.
  • It is not very maneuverable.

Older kids aged between 5 and twelve have better balance and coordination, and when asking you for a scooter, they will ask for the one with a T-Bar.

Well, it shows that they are big and kids like being treated as though they are all grown up.

Rather than put off the purchase until next summer, get them this Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar.

This scooter is the one sporting toy that will get your child from their seat and away from gaming for hours.

So, you better get it. This scooter is one of our favorite scooters.

It has a Swiss design, and its engineering and construction aim at providing superior performance and durability.

All the parts of this scooter are replaceable meaning that your child will use this scooter for a long time.

The wheels are high-quality PU. They glide smoothly, and they are perfect for use on pavements and suburban pavements.

The carving and the curving action of the steering make for better control and a higher maneuverability.

Before use, be sure to tighten the handlebar clamp using the hex wrench which comes with the scooter.

For better balance, the scooter gives you a choice between the Joystick and the traditional TBar.

The handlebar design is also interchangeable, and this feature is available as an accessory with which your child can choose to switch from one to the other.


  • Swiss-designed, the Maxi is engineered and constructed for superior durability.
  • Every part on the Maxi is replaceable-- this allows it to last, virtually forever.
  • The Maxi's wheels are made of the highest quality PU which creates an incredibly smooth glide.
  • It is perfect for children learning to ride a scooter.


  • Young kids have a hard time steering this scooter.
  • Expensive price.

Kids grow up fast, and the best that we can do when they are all grown up is give them our best.

Being a parent is synonymous to making big sacrifices one of which is buying the best scooters for our kids.

Yes, they will beg you for them and if you can, get them the best.

Among the wide range of scooters on the market, this Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter is a favorite in our household. 

Not just because it looks great but because of its high performance and safety resulting from its stealthy construction.

You can switch this scooter from a three-wheeler to a standard two-wheeler in a short span of time meaning that this is the scooter children grow up with.

This means that it saves you money because you do not have to replace the scooter after a few years.

The convertibility from a three to a two-wheeler is essential. Why, you ask?

Even though your child starts scooting away at three years old or younger, they lack the balance for riding a two wheeler.

Therefore convertibility means they grow into the scooter.

The construction of this scooter is durable, a feature arising from the fact that 100% aircraft-grade aluminum is used in construction.

Aluminum isn’t just strong, it is lightweight and makes it easier to maneuver when riding.

Some parts of the scooter have steel adding strength.

The folding handlebars are comfortable seeing as they have foam grip.

Even a first-time rider has an easy time using this scooter.


  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to convert 3 wheel to 2 wheel design.
  • 100% aircraft-grade aluminum and lightweight steel construction.
  • Features folding handlebars with foam grips for comfort.


  • The weight limit is too low, and kids outgrow it too fast.
  • It is also small and short.

A three-wheeled scooter is the best choice of a scooter for a child who’s just learning to ride.

Even if your child knows how to ride a bike, they won’t be able to scoot in a three-wheeled scooter fast.

Thanks to the fact that scooters build balance, coordination and strengthen motor skills, it is a good splurge which your child will adore. 

This three-wheeled scooter is, therefore, what your child needs for better development.

It has a wide polypropylene deck which is slip-resistant keeping your child safe.

This safety feature makes this Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter is ideal for use by beginner riders.

The urethane wheels are stable and promote balance.

The scooter is durable thanks to the sturdy and high-quality aluminum, steel and plastic construction. Assembly is quick and easy.

Another excellent feature of this scooter is the folding mechanism. You get to fold it easily then store it.

Therefore, it doesn’t take up too much storage space, and you can carry it with you whenever.

It is lightweight and suitable for kids above three years of age.


  • Three wheel design provides greater stability for new riders.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Folding mechanism allows compact storage and a convenient way to carry the scooter.


  • It's really small for 4 year olds or older.
  • The handle height isn't adjustable.

Features to Look for When Buying Toddler Scooters

  • Steering
    Three-wheeled scooters require the rider to lean towards the right and the left to steer the scooter. The handle bar has no control over the direction of the scooter. Though it may seem like the harder riding option, it is ideal for young children.

    The lean and steer mechanism provides an opportunity to build and enhance your child’s gross motor skills while building balance and coordination. Steering the two-wheeled scooters is with the handlebar.

  • Handlebar Height
    Is the height of the handlebar comfortable and safe? For optimal comfort, the handlebar should be around your child’s waist for control.

    If the bar is too low, your child will have to hunch over, and that is uncomfortable and unhealthy. It will be impossible to control the scooter when the bar is too high.

  • Wheels
    How many wheels does the scooter have? If it is a three-wheeler, is it convertible to a two-wheeler? You also have to consider the wheel’s diameter. Does the scooter come with a large diameter wheel or a small diameter wheel?

    Small diameter wheels offer excellent maneuverability compared to the large diameter wheels. Regarding the wheels’ width, choose wide wheels as they are more stable.

    Besides the wheels’ diameter, you also have to check the wheels’ construction materials. The most common wheel construction material is polyurethane (PU) urethane.

    Either one of these materials is durable and makes for smooth rides. PVC compromises on the smoothness ofthe ride.You’ll also want to check the wheels’ durometer.

    The durometer readings range from 74A to 88A. Wheels with a low durometer number offer better shock absorption, and they are soft.

  • Wheel Deck
    Look for a scooter with a wide deck or base for stability. Broad bases are sturdy, and your child will be able to fit both feet on it.

    Get a low-to-ground deck for your toddler. It is also safer, and your child will balance on it better.

  • Weight of the Scooter
    For toddlers, you have to look for lightweight scooters because they are easy to use, control and maneuver. You can also carry it easily when your child is tired.

    A heavy one may mean that it is strong, but it’s not suitable for toddlers. Keep in mind the scooter’s maximum weight capacity.

  • Folding Mechanism
    Can you fold the scooter and take it to the park or out of town? Folding makes it easy for you to pack it in the trunk and it also takes up less storage space.

    Unfortunately, folding may weaken the scooter making the next ride less enjoyable or impossible.

    You should, also, consider the overall construction of the scooter – an aluminum frame is lightweight and strong.


We understand that the search for the best scooter is challenging when you don’t know what to look for. This is why you need to get some help in the search. This review has all the features you must consider before buying.

The main features include the wheels, the deck, the handlebar, steering, the folding mechanism and the weight of the scooter. You will also need to check the overall construction material and ensure that it is sturdy.

Micro Mini Kick Scooter - Editor's Choice

In this review of the five best scooters for toddlers, we have a favorite, the Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter. It is ideal for children between 3-5 years. It uses the unique lean-to-steer mechanism which builds balance and coordination. The wheels glide smoothly as they are polyurethane wheels. They are also durable. The Swiss construction design makes the scooter sturdy and durable.

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