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Best Travel Crib for Toddlers Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

As a new mother (whether first time, second, third, fourth time), you will need to be in touch with what the market has that would make your experience better.

We have always had car seats for the baby, but we now have travel cribs also known as travel cots.

Which brand has the best travel crib for your little one?

One thing we have come to realize in the years we have been reviewing baby products is that no one brand has all the answers. It pays to switch it up a little sometimes.

5 Best Travel Crib for Your Toddlers Reviews 2022

The first thing that attracted us to this crib is the weight.

It weighs 13lbs, and it comes with a carrying case.

The case is so simplified, complete with a handle so that it feels like a briefcase.

When folded, it is quite large but light, thanks to the ease of carrying.

You can set it up quite quickly.

The entire crib is made of a mesh that folds as easily as any soft material, and the sides are supported by four poles that you unfold.

When putting it together, you will only need to pull the legs inside so that they collapse (in a V-shape), together with the mesh.

Essentially, nothing will need to be detached.

The mesh is breathable and transparent so that you can keep an eye on your baby as they play and you work.

It also does not trap any heat.

Unfortunately, it will not keep the baby warm, but you can always cover them with a blanket as they sleep.

The poles are sturdy enough to keep the baby in the crib and prevent them from toppling over, but it is ideal until three years when they start getting curious.

After that age, your child could easily manipulate the crib and get out.

They are also strong enough to push it to its side.

The crib comes with a thin but comfortable and breathable material for your baby’s comfort.

The material that makes the BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light is washable.

It is removable and hand-washable for quick drying thanks to its nature.


  • It is light and portable.
  • The mesh material is breathable, and so is the mattress.
  • It is easy to set up and fold up for traveling.
  • Removable and washable travel crib material for easy cleaning.


  • Due to mesh side, the baby will be cold if you don’t cover them.
  • Might be too small to some, make sure to check the dimensions before purchasing.

How would you like a cot that covers the baby entirely, giving them the feeling of being in a tent?

If that sounds good to you, you will like this portable crib.

It sets up in a minute or less and is equally easy to take down. The seller throws in a carriage for easy porting.

This crib weighs 13lbs, and it is made of material free of contaminants and flame-retardants.

The entire setting is cleared as safe for a child’s use.

It comes with a 42″ x 24″, 25-inch thick mattress and the material is all mesh.

The little mattress is breathable, and the mesh gives you visual at all times.

On the sides, you have four foldable poles to keep the crib stable.

They are slanted, a feature that prevents the baby from pushing the crib down.

Since it is well constructed, your little one will enjoy it until they are three years old.

It has a zipped ‘door’ through which to place the baby inside.

The top is enclosed to keep the baby fully protected, but you can top to bring it down.

Taking this crib down only takes a few minutes.

You will only need to collapse the side poles at the joints to fold it into place.

The entire crib folds into a backpack, which is quite easy to carry.

It also fits well in most plane racks.

It is super light when compact (11lbs), well below the threshold for hand luggage.


  • It is light and portable for traveling.
  • Folds easily into a backpack.
  • It completely covers the baby.
  • The breathable mesh keeps the baby visible all the time.


  • The mattress is thin and uncomfortable for baby, but you can replace it with the thicker one.

When you bring the baby home from the hospital for the first time, anxiety sets in.

You realize that you’re not quite ready to have them sleep too far away from you.

This little crib plays the role of bassinet and travel cot.

In its 22.8 x 32 x 29.2 inches, this small crib, weighing 20lbs is a bassinet at the top and a crib at the bottom. 

The bassinet is removable so that the baby can co-sleep.

As they grow, you will need to remove it completely so that they can stand on it at full length.

This travel crib is foldable, with four buttons to bring down each pole.

The collapsible poles fold into a compact crib that you can fit in a bag.

Due to its size, you may be unable to fit it in plane racks.

The dimensions make it a perfect fit for doorways and even closets so that you do not have to take it down each time.

The pieces do not actually detach, and so all you will need is the legs to straighten for your cot to be ready.

It comes with a soft, breathable pad that comfortably accommodates the baby.

It will not have the fitted sheets that are ideal for this type of crib, but Graco sells them.

The sides are all mesh, which makes it super breathable, and makes it possible to see the baby from any angle.

The canopy on top shields the baby from light.

It has wheels for easy moving, but you can remove them as the child grows.


  • It is lightweight, easy to carry around.
  • The pad is softer than normal pack n play pads.
  • The mesh sides allow for air flow and might prevent suffocation.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The mattress pad is rather thin and seems that it would provide minimal comfort.
  • Might be too small to some, make sure to check the dimensions before purchasing.

Graco pushes the limits once again with this lightweight crib-cum-bassinet that is designed to fit through most standard doors.

It is smaller than you usual travel crib, but way more versatile.

The top is covered to protect the bay from light, but you can always remove that part to elongate the crib.

It has hooks for hanging toys that will keep the little one busy as you work.

The sides are all mesh to give you a 360-degree angle of the child at all times.

The little one will feel less constrained when they can see you through the netting.

The bottom is covered with a soft, thin pad that acts as the mattress.

You will have to buy sheets for the little crib, and Graco has the exact dimensions.

This crib grows with your baby, hence the word ‘stages.’ Stage 1 is appropriate for a newborn, where they can stay until they are 15lbs.

As they grow, open it up to stage two that handles babies up to 20lbs.

For 35 inches tall babies, use stage 3, which allows them to stand at full length and still be safe in the bassinet.

This is the playard mode fully activated.

How do you change the stages?

Well, there are buttons on each pole, which you will push to adjust to your preferred height setting.

This crib is easy to set up and take down. By simply pushing the buttons on the sides, you will collapse the sides and poles on each end.

You will then fold it into a compact package that you can take anywhere.

It comes with a carry-on for convenient carrying.


  • It grows with the baby, from newborn stages to 35 inches.
  • Versatile travel crib easily converts to a portable playard.
  • The wheels make for easy pushing.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • It is still quite heavy to have to tote long.

Because you will need to change your baby on the go, this product has all the items you need to become a super parent.

You have a backpack (with compartments for your bottles), a baby changing station, and of course the crib!

Now for the interesting bit-all those features are in one package!

This crib is different from others in that it has no legs of wheels to keep it sturdy on the ground.

Instead, the entire bottom surface lies on the floor.

This feature certainly keeps the baby safe, as there is no chance of pushing the crib and toppling it over.

However, it is limited to a certain age. A soon as baby is tall enough, they will crawl out of it.

It looks like a little backpack, but it opens fully to 30.7 x 7 x 13.4 inches, where it becomes a bassinet.

You can use it as a changing station because the padding at the bottom is firm enough.

It only weighs 4lbs, and so you will easily take it anywhere with you, even fitting it into your hand luggage.

It has height limits, as it will only go as far as 30 inches. 

By this time, the baby will be curious and able to get out of it without any trouble.

This crib is quite simple, without the whistles and bells that most parents look for (toy hooks and all), but it is leniently priced, and also made of high-quality material.

The sides are polyester made, and so you will not have a good view of the baby (since it is not transparent).

The upside is the longevity of the material.


  • It has ample storage for diapers when traveling.
  • The 3-in-1 feature saves parents money on other accessories.
  • Reasonable price.
  • It is grounded and safe.


  • The blanket is not fitted, and so the baby could kick it at night.

Why Bother With Travel Cribs at All?

A travel crib is simply a portable baby crib that is easy to fold up for storage and carrying around for traveling.

Therefore, the reasons that you should consider buying travel crib for your toddlers basically wrap up in these 2 points:

  • For Portability
    A travel crib is simply a portable crib that you can collapse and put together without much fuss.

    If you travel often, or even once in awhile and you hate the idea of hauling a heavy load, this crib is your ideal travel buddy. Naturally, a travel crib is small and light, and it will weigh less than the limit for hand luggage.

  • Easy to Use and Comfortable
    One other reason to consider a travel crib is its ease of use. It is a simple crib that opens and folds nicely, and so you will set it up in minutes, even at home, and lay your baby down for a nap or have them play close to you.

    They are quite comfortable as the material is usually baby-friendly. When choosing one, go for the kind with just the right size of mattress and overall breathable material.


While the name suggests that it only comes in handy when traveling, that is not the position. You can still use it at home for baby’s naps while gardening so that the little one is always visible, and even at the park as you watch your elder one play.

When traveling, it makes for a convenient carry-on that allows your baby to sleep in her bed in the hotel. We like that most of them are small enough to fit in plane racks, or at least to carry as hand luggage.

The travel cribs we have selected here are budget friendly, and they are made of lasting material. We even have one that grows with your baby.

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light - Editor's Choice

As much as we like all of them, we highly recommend the BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light. We like how light it is and the ease of assembly. Takedown only takes a minute or less, and the mesh material keeps the baby visible from all angles. The price, you asked? Budget-friendly.

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