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Best Water Shoes for Toddlers Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Kids love water and whether you are headed to the beach or even the lake, getting water shoes will be the biggest investment you’ll make.

This is because even though kids love water, no one likes to feel pain or get cuts.  To prevent this, look for the best water shoes for toddlers.

With water shoes, your children won’t feel the impact of the sharp seashells they are trying to collect, and splashing will be easier.

Water shoes also lower the risk of slipping because they have non-skid designs on the soles.

The other reason for investing in water shoes is that they are mostly slip-on and when kids are in a rush to hit the water, they won’t have to spend any time wearing them.

This also means that there will be no lost moments (kids hate those).

Another reason why you need to get water shoes for your toddlers is that they are conventional and they can wear them when out and about.

As mentioned above, water shoes are an investment, and this dual usage makes this investment bigger.

The use of stretchy and breathable materials in the design and construction of water shoes makes them comfortable and suitable for wide-footed kids.

With water shoes, you don’t have to worry about packing extra shoes.

With all these benefits resulting from buying water shoes, how do you choose the best?

5 Best Water Shoes for Toddlers Reviews 2022

When looking for water shoes and other baby items, it is easy for our decision to rely on the appearance of the items because babies are adorable.

And, just like you, the first that won our hearts when we looked at this Teva Tidepool CT Water Sandal was the beauty.

It looks great, and a keener look reveals that that isn’t all that the sandal holds.

It is ideal for kids aged between one and four years.

Though the sole is synthetic, it is strong and rugged for traction.

Your baby’s feet will be safe when walking on a slippery surface.

The sandal has a closed toe for protection.

Given how active kids are when walking on in water or even on pavement, they can easily hit on rocks.

To prevent any injuries, this sandal offers toe protection.

It is lightweight but strong. Its weight of 2.1 ounces means that your child won’t have to walk funny as they try to lift the weight of the sandal.

It also means that they can get through obstacles in water much faster.

For comfort, the sandals have neoprene padding around the edges, and the synthetic material making up the insole is comfortable soft but not floppy.

Therefore, your little one can wear these to the water park.

The Velcro tie option secures the sandal in place at all times.


  • Synthetic sole.
  • It’s easy to put on and take off.
  • The Velcro is very secure and footbed is good for walking around.
  • It's easy to clean and dry quickly for daily use.


  • Expensive price.
  • It doesn't have too much stretch and seems to run small.

Whether your child is a natural born athlete or not, he or she will run around from time to time.

As we enjoy summer, you should make it possible for your child to have the most fun.

There are many ways of doing that one of which involves getting the right play shoes.

These water shoes are not just ideal for use at the beach but they are also ideal for swimming.

They are also great for those mornings when your child feels like accompanying you on your morning run.

This versatility in use makes the purchase of these shoes a great investment.

With how fast kids grow, you cannot buy perfect fitting shoes.

It is important to go a size up, and you can comfortably do that with these shoes seeing as they have an adjustable cord at the back.

This cord will help keep the shoe in place as your child grows.

The insole is comfortable and even when your child walks on a hard or an uncomfortable surface, their feet will be safe.

This insole is removable, and you can clean it especially after a day at the beach.

The shoes’ construction using nylon means that they are lightweight but also strong.

This is because of the use of high denier nylon.

As a result of the strength, the lightweight and the presence of an adjustable cord, these make our favorite swimming shoes.

They are also affordable and with all you can do with these shoes, you hardly ever regret a purchase.

Apart from a perfect fit, the drawstrings mean that these shoes will accommodate thick and wide feet.

The outsole is entirely rubber.

Rubber is strong and durable, and since the quality or the strength of a shoe lies in the sole, you can trust these water shoes to last long.

Treading on the rubber sole makes these shoes a favorite when walking in water and on slippery surfaces.


  • Cheap price.
  • Comfortable removable insole.
  • Adjustable tight cord in back helps the shoes stay on.
  • Its' easy to put on and take off.


  • Size of shoe is way off. Make sure to check the size before ordering.

Every parent worries. What if there are sharp glasses or sharp stones in the water?

What if the shoes they are wearing aren’t strong enough?

We could go on about these worries, but one thing is true, it is okay to worry, and it is okay to look for the best for our kids.

One of the best things you may want to get your son or daughter this summer is the best pair of water shoes.

One of the pairs of shoes we consider the best is this Northside Brille II Water Shoe.

It is available in different colors, and they are versatile meaning that your child will wear them in and out of the water.

It is the perfect pair of shoes for summer and thanks to the bunge lace closure or the internal tongue; your child will experience a high level of comfort.

The traction soles prevent slipping, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with injuries anymore.

The sole is synthetic but stealthily designed for support, balance and a strong, comfortable grip.

These water shoes also feature toe guards which offer excellent protection against hitting hard and sharp objects on the ground.

The comfort and safety that comes with these shoes make them perfect to wear when riding a scooter.

In case the shoe runs slightly big, you can use the quick-draw lacing.

The lace-up vamp has a lace keeper which helps in keeping the shoe in place.

For added comfort, the shoe has a breathable mesh on the upper part, a padded tongue, and a collar.


  • Synthetic sole.
  • It's cute and good quality.
  • The shoe is versatile and perfect for all outdoor activities.
  • It is easy to clean, and it dries up fast.


  • Laces came apart after long use.
  • Not lightweight.

Water shoes are versatile, and if you have been parenting for a while, then you know that it is possible to save a bit of money in summer when you get water shoes.

But, there is a catch, the shoes have to be the best on the market.

The Starbay Toddler Athletic Water Shoes is a favorite shoe for many parents and toddlers because of its versatility.

Knowing that the shoe is wearable throughout the holidays gives you peace of mind.

It has a comfortable insole which is removable making it easy to clean especially after spending the day at the beach.

It has a toddler size, and you don’t have to worry about your child missing out on the best.

The shoe has a sturdy construction design, and the use of nylon fabric makes it strong and durable.

If your child has wide feet or the shoe seems slightly big, you can use the tight adjustable cord at the back of the shoe.

This helps in keeping the shoe snugly fit as your child grows into it.

The shoe is also stretchy, and it feels comfortable whenever you wear it.

So, even when your child has chubby feet, the shoe won’t feel tight.

The thick treaded sole prevents slipping on slippery surfaces.

It also has a strong grip which makes it possible for your child to play in the water without falling.


  • Comfortable Removable Insole.
  • Adjustable tight cord back helps the shoes stay on.
  • The shoes seem nice and the drawstring is a necessity.


  • Inside soles keep pooping out after several wears.

Toddlers are great at expressing their emotions, and when you get them shoes or gifts they like, you are certain that you’ll get the biggest hug.

Even though it is hard always to get the best shoes, when you do, you will know.

When you add that excitement to your child’s love for water, you know that you will get the tag for the best mom or dad.

One of our favorite water shoes for kids is this pair of Speedo Surfwalker Pro 2.0 Water Shoes.

These shoes have a durable four-ways stretch on the upper which makes easy to take these shoes off and also to wear them.

This fabric is a textile, and you can expect them to last a while.

For the comfort and quick drying, the shoes feature an air mesh insert panel.

It also has an S-Trac thermoplastic rubber outsole which prevents slipping lowering the risk of injuries.

The outsole offers a high level of water management and water flow dispersion.

These features offer protection from the hot ground or sharp stones or broken glass.

Also, for comfort, the shoes have quickly adjustable strap closures.

These and the stretchable textile uppers make it easy to wear and remove the shoes.


  • Synthetic sole.
  • Machine washable, and they also dry fast.
  • Durable four-way stretch upper for easy on and off.
  • S-trac thermoplastic rubber outsole offers water management and flow dispersion characteristics.


  • Size of shoe is way off. Make sure to check the size before ordering.

Features to Look for When Buying Water Shoes for Toddlers

  • Size
    Most water shoes are double-sized, and they should fit well. This means that if you are buying a 6/7, it means that the pair the larger version of the two sizes.

    In case you feel like the shoes will be too big for your child, you should opt for the one with elastic cords, hooks or tapes.

    An important point to note is that your kids grow up so fast and the pair that looks too big now won’t be as big after a few months.

  • Toe Protection
    This is the most important feature in water shoes; whether they belong to toddlers or adults. Toe protection guards against underwater rocks and other obstacles.

    This means that the toe guard should be strong and able to take the impact more than once.

    You should, therefore look out for water shoes with rubber toe guards as part of the outsole. Shoes with fabrics as reinforcement do not offer the best protection.

  • Ease of Wearing
    The water shoes should be easy to wear and to take off. The shoes should have simple designs for closures.

    They should have loops, hooks, or stretchy materials. With how fast kids get excited and equally how fast they lose interest, we can all agree that shoes shouldn’t get in the way.

  • Lightweight Design
    The materials of the shoes determine how light or heavy the shoes are. Since water shoes need to be light and comfortable always, they should be light.

    However, you shouldn’t compromise quality for the lightweight design. The main lightweight but strong materials for water shoes include neoprene and mesh.

    These will expel water fast keeping feet dry and preventing fungal infections. At the same time, you can wipe off the water using a towel.

  • Sole
    The sole should be able to prevent slipping meaning that it should have slip-resistant features and design.

    Look out for rubber soles with treads or lugs which will protect feet from sharp objects in the water and on pavement or the hot sand.

    It should also provide traction when walking on slippery floors like public bathrooms. You should also consider the presence of an insole for comfort.

  • Cost
    Water shoes are mostly affordable, and given the environment you’ll expose the shoes to, you shouldn’t break the bank buying them.

    But, it is important to compare prices before making a purchase.


The best water shoes offer a blend of style, comfort, and safety. Every time you shop for shoes, it is important for you to keep in mind the safety and the comfort levels of the shoe. For these two, the construction must be top notch.

Shoes with rubber soles are strong, and they offer more protection, and that means that they are the best.

At the same time, a strong rubber sole helps in offering protection against parasites and bacteria.  Therefore, the safety features of the shoes must be dependable.

For comfort, you also need to look at the insoles’ design and the weight of the shoe.

Teva Tidepool CT Water Sandal - Editor's Choice

Even though these are all great shoes, the Teva Tidepool CT Water Sandal is our favorite. It looks great, and it has a sturdy construction that holds well in and out of the water. Despite being a sandal, it comes with a closed toe for protection. The price may be high, but, it is a quality you can trust.

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