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Best Backpack Diaper Bag for Twins Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

With your double bundle ready to join you for walks, you just have to get the best diaper bag. There are no two ways around this, and your handbag won’t work.

Twins mean that you have double responsibilities. You will have to buy everything in twos at one point. However, you need a single diaper bag.

Given your limited ability to handle two bags at once, the diaper bag you choose must hold everything needed by your babies with ease.

To get through parenting twins with ease, you have to find the best backpack diaper bag for twins.

Backpacks are versatile, and they can hold more than ordinary totes do. They have multiple pockets, and in some cases, the best backpacks have specific pockets for holding food as well as water resistant pockets for wet clothes.

With all the pockets, organizing is easier, and you won’t forget essential items. As a parent to twins, you will appreciate all the space offered by backpack diaper bags.

The convenience of backpacks comes from the fact that dads can carry it easily. Backpacks aren’t gender-sensitive. Also, noting that most backpacks come in color black, they are neutral.

The beauty of backpack diaper bags is that they are versatile. A backpack is the best traveling bag, and you can take it with you on a hike or a trip out of town.

The other benefits of a diaper bag include easy shopping with kids, and loading or unloading items easily with the bag. You can also hold your babies hands with the bag on your back.

5 Best Backpack Diaper Bag for Twins Reviews 2022

You already have a double bundle of joy and no extra hands.

The only way for you to carry all the essentials needed by your twins is by getting a hands-free bag.

One bag that promises utmost comfort and functionality is this black Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack.

The simplistic black design makes it suitable for use by moms and dads.

Its design makes it for use as a diaper bag and also as a daily backpack especially if you need multiple pockets.

This backpack could easily take the crown for the backpack with the highest number of pockets. It has 14 pockets; every pocket has a unique use.

The pockets are reliable, and they comfortably hold all essential baby care items from clothing to diapers and food.

Everything fits in the backpack. The insulated bottle pockets are ideal for milk and food items.

You can easily push the stroller with your free hands. This diaper bag backpack has stroller straps which let you strap the bag to the stroller for comfort.

The backpack is long lasting. This durability results from the construction with high-quality and water resistant twill polyester.

Twill polyester is stronger than cloth, and it is not fraying. Therefore, even when your twins are all grown, the bag will still work. The strong zippers enhance the durability of the diaper bag.

The large and durable changing mat which comes with this diaper bag makes it possible for diaper change wherever.

The sundry bag is also important for holding your keys, phone, and money. It also comes with an extendable keychain.

The shoulder straps have sufficient padding, and they have an ergonomic design for your comfort.

The lifetime warranty means that you can buy this diaper bag confidently. It is BPA and phosphates free hence safe.


  • It has stroller straps for hanging the backpack on the stroller. This increases access to items and also gets rid of unnecessary weight off your back.
  • It has 14 pockets, and it is spacious to hold everything you and your babies need.
  • Though lightweight, it is durable.
  • Perfect for mom and dad.


  • It would be nice if it had an extra insulated bottle pocket.
  • It can get heavy due to its spacious size.

With this HapTim Multi-function Baby Diaper Bag Backpack for twins, you won’t need any other bag.

Hap Tim gives you 50 days free exchange and returns as well as a 185-days warranty.

This bag is reliable because of the high-quality design. This backpack is a nylon garment fabric with a PU back coating.

The fabric and the coating has a higher strength, and it is stronger than polyester.

It resists wear and tear, as well as deformation. The strong zippers and the non-fraying stitching enhance its durability.

It is ideal for twins because it is spacious and it holds everything twins need out of the house.

This backpack has 13 pockets which keep everything organized and orderly. With the pockets, you can designate different pockets to each kid.

The insulated pocket keeps baby foods at the right temperature for prolonged periods. You can access baby wipes through the easy access zipper side pockets

A backpack lets you  enjoy hands-free movement. But, you don’t have to carry it on your back all the time.

It comes with sturdy shoulder straps which attach to the stroller easily. This enhances mobility, and if out on a walk, you won’t feel tired easily.

Other than stroller straps, this backpack has grab handles and shoulder straps which are comfortable. The handles and the straps are strong and comfortable.

The inclusion of a changing mat saves money and allows ease of changing the baby whenever need arises. 

Wondering if you can take it shopping? Yes, you can and you get to carry it as a stylish tote.


  • Super spacious and it keeps everything organized.
  • It is trendy; works for moms and dads as a backpack or as a tote for moms.
  • The straps are strong and comfortable.
  • Excellent customer service who replace broken zippers and straps quickly.


  • You need both hands to zip it up especially when full.
  • It feels bulky due to its capacity.

This is a large backpack that works perfectly for parents with twins.

It is spacious, and it has 16 pockets which hold everything your babies will need.

The 16 pockets include four insulated bottle holders for food, two super waterproof PEVA pockets for wet items, and one special pacifier pocket. The pacifier pocket is moisture and mildew proof.

This diaper bag also has a laptop sleeve which means that it works as a working backpack too.

There is also a special section for holding the baby’s soup spoons.

The large capacity of this bag makes it perfect for adults and kids too.

Its high functionality comes from the thickness of the construction fabric.

The fabric is water resistant and easy to wipe clean. You don’t have to worry about the bag not drying up when you clean it or when it becomes damp.

It comes with stroller straps for ease of mobility and access to items in the bag. The changing mat makes for quick diaper changes from anywhere.

It is a good maternity backpack and a general maternity bag for moms.

Cushioning of the shoulder straps and the breathability of the back mesh panels make this bag extra comfortable when carrying it.

Padding in most parts of bag accounts for the protection of items and a comfortable carrying experience.

The left pockets on the exterior offer quick access to baby wipes. The right side pocket has insulation keeping baby food warm as desired.


  • A lot of room and pockets which keep everything organized.
  • It is long lasting and water proof.
  • The bag is versatile, and you can use it for traveling or everyday use.
  • The company offer exceptional customer service.


  • Few color options.
  • The zippers may break apart after a while.

This nylon backpack is stylish and a convenient solution for every parent with twins. It looks great, and the hands-free design makes it perfect for ease of movement when using the backpack.

It is reliable and spacious with enough space to hold everything needed by your babies.

It has 17 internal and external pockets for easy and endless organization.

You can designate each child one compartment since the backpack comes with two large main compartments.

It is also ideal for long distance travel.

The bag is of high-quality thanks to the use of high-quality nylon garment fabric with PU back coating which is stronger than polyester. It has a high durability.

The bag is also resistant to wear and deformation. It lasts long because of the non-fraying stitching and the strong and reliable zippers.

The stroller straps, grab handles and the shoulder straps which have a significant level of padding enhance the comfort of the backpack. 

The insulated bottle pockets keep baby’s food within the desired temperature for a prolonged period.

The backpack also has easy access pockets which you can use to keep wet wipes.

You won’t need to buy a changing mat or carry a large one because this backpack comes with a high-quality changing mat.


  • You can hook it on the stroller using the stroller straps.
  • Look stylish both for dad and mom.
  • It is spacious, and it holds everything needed by your twins.
  • It feels comfortable for long-time wearing.


  • It doesn’t hold more items than standard backpacks.
  • You need both hands to zip it up especially when full.

This is a one-handed controllable baby diaper bag which opens wide easily. It is easy to fill.

With the handles at the top, you can carry it as a nappy tote. With the integrated stroller straps, access to items in the bag is quick.

The twelve smart pockets of this backpack and the large insert diaper organizer encourage orderliness. There is a zippered pouch that holds your phone.

You also get a side make up pocket and elasticized interior pouches.

Among the interior pockets is an insulated bottle pocket that keeps milk and baby food warm.

The included changing mat for diaper changing convenience.

This high-quality designer backpack offers a high level of comfort through the fully padded back panel.

It also has meshed and adjustable shoulder straps.


  • It's fashionable bag that can be carried by moms and dads alike.
  • It isn't huge or bulky.
  • It is comfortable and easy to carry.
  • 90-day satisfaction 100% money back guarantee.


  • It's not easy to clean.
  • The zipper seemed a little stiff.


With a backpack diaper bag, both kids have everything they may need. Like every new parent will tell you, the best diaper bag must have numerous pockets.

The main compartment needs to be big too. The pockets help in organizing all baby essentials ensuring that you don’t mix food items with diapers.

Backpacks are preferable to tote bags because they are gender neutral. A good diaper backpack comes in black or gray and is perfect for dads too.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack - Editor's Choice

Among these 5 diaper bag for twins, we highly recommend the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack. It is a versatile bag that works perfectly for traveling.

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