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Different Types of Baby Monitors – What You Need to Know

Baby monitors are small but mandatory devices, if you have a baby. They can help you in so many ways and make your life easier. On the other side, they are affordable, easy to use and there are a lot of different models.

The main issue is choosing the correct baby monitor. As aforementioned, there are a lot of different models, so choosing the best unit can be tricky. However, if you get all the features from a baby monitor you need, this isn’t a complicated step.

Types of Baby Monitors

Although, there are hundreds of different baby monitors on the market, all of them can be divided into several categories.

They are:

  • Baby sound monitors.
  • Baby video monitors.
  • Motion monitors.

Keep in mind that all of them are designed for the same purpose, but all of them work on a completely way, so this should be the main factor you should take into account when choosing your new device. In any case, you will be able to get an idea how each of these baby monitors work.

1 - Baby Sound Monitors

Baby sound monitors are the oldest type of these devices, so they come with the lowest number of features and the lowest price. On the other side, they are practical and safe.

Simply said, these devices will record the sound and transmit it to a receiver. Although, there are a lot of different models, all of the work on the same principle.

Prenatal baby sound monitors are usually linked to baby sound monitors, but they are completely different devices. In fact, they are not designed for baby safety, they are used when parents want to hear the baby’s heart of their unborn babies.

Keep in mind that this is their main application, and they cannot be compared to ordinary baby monitors. On the other side, they are the best and only way to hear the heartbeats of your unborn baby.

2 - Baby Video Monitors

These baby monitors are the most popular choice, but also the most expensive. In order to choose the best one, you should follow directions of the exclusive guide to buy the best baby monitors.

This is recommended due to the fact these devices are complicated and they have a lot of features. All of them have a camera and a sound transmitter, so parents can hear and see their baby.

However, the level of video quality depends on the price of a unit. Some models have bad resolution, and they have displays in black and white color. More expensive products have colored and HD displays, so the quality of video they offer is much better.

Most video baby monitors send the video to a single device, but there are some models that can upload the video to the internet, so parents will be able to watch the video from any computer, tablet or a smartphone. These devices are more expensive as well.

It is advised that parents choose baby video monitors with a high resolution and night vision, due to the fact they can offer the best video quality and they are safer than other models.

3 - Baby Motion Monitors

These baby monitors are the less common units, but some parent treat them as the best. In addition, they are specially designed for babies with health issues or babies that were born prematurely.

They don’t have cameras, but they have a sensor that is placed in a crib. Babies move a lot, while sleeping, so the sensor will alert you if a baby doesn’t move in 20 seconds.

Some, more advanced baby monitors of this type can transmit sound as well, so parents can hear their baby. These devices can be paired with other baby monitors and they are recommended in the aforementioned cases.

Best Brands of Baby Monitors

A good thing is that there are a lot of different brands, when it comes to baby monitors. However, not all of them are a great choice. Some models are too cheap and they have severe problems.

Furthermore, some brands are well-known for making amazing devices. The first and the most important thing you should know is that features are the most important part of any baby monitor and they should be the main factor.

Another fact you should know is that there is no the best brand in this case, but there are several that are treated as more than just good.

They are: Sony, Safety First, The First Years and Mobi Cam. In addition, don’t forget about Samsung and similar brands.

Wired and Wireless Baby Monitors

All baby monitors can be divided into two categories: wireless and wired devices. Although, all of them have its own good and bad sides, they are completely different and they have different features.

# Wired Baby Monitors

These devices come first to the market, so they are older, bigger but safer as well. All of them must be connected with wirings, so they can be used in just one room and they are less practical.

First and foremost, they are more affordable and they are safer, due to the fact their battery won’t drain, so they are always operational. Keep in mind that most of them come with great features, so they are not obsolete. In fact, they are commonly used baby monitors.

# Wireless Baby Monitors

These baby monitors don’t have wires, so they are far more practical and useful. They use Wi-Fi to transmit the signal, so keep in mind that your home internet connection must be reliable and fast.

A great thing with these devices is the fact they can be used in the entire home an even wider, so they are a much better choice. However, nothing is perfect, they certainly some significant drawbacks as well.

For example, other wireless devices can disrupt the signal and cause bad sound or video signal. In addition, if you have a lot of problems with your Wi-Fi, these devices are not a great choice.

Features To Look For When Buying a Baby Monitor

Keep in mind that there are a lot of different models with a lot of different features. However, all of them can be treated accordingly to the number and importance of the features they have.

If you want to how to choose the baby monitors make sure pay attention to the following features.

  • Batteries

    Most baby monitors have AA batteries. They are not a great choice, simply due to the fact they will drain very soon, so you will have to replace them. Even worse, if you don’t pay attention to the battery levels, your baby will stay without your protection for some time.

    The best and the safest choice are baby monitors that have rechargeable batteries. They last longer and they are safer. In addition, they are more practical and you don’t have to replace their batteries all the time.
  • Frequencies

    As aforementioned, wireless baby monitors work on the specific frequency, so there may be some distortions, while they are working. Most baby monitor reviews have proved that this is one of the most important features you can get.

    Keep in mind that you are going to need an adjustable frequency, in order to avoid possible distortions and issues with the audio/video signal. The best baby monitors will have this feature, and they are the most common and the best choice.
  • Handheld receiver

    If you want the most practical and the most effective baby monitor, this feature is your first choice. It allows you to keep the receiver with you at all times, so you will be able to monitor your baby all the time.

    Some products have receivers that can be attached to your clothes, so they are an even better choice.


Baby monitor definitely is the life-saver device that makes it possible for us to have a peaceful night sleep. It allows parents to not only hear but also see what’s going on in the baby’s room at night. Most importantly, there are various types and brands of baby monitors available on the market.

Choosing the proper baby monitor that fits perfectly to your needs might not be an easy task. When it comes to baby monitors, there are no rules. It goes without saying that the more features devices give us, the better protection and easier to use it offers.

Hence, to make this process much easier, make sure to check out this guide on “picking the right video baby monitor” or this article “exclusive in-depth review of video baby monitors”.