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Best White Noise Machine Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

A white noise machine is an electrical device, which generates white noise; i.e. a sort of noise or sound that is random in character.

White noise resembles the sound generated by highly active waterfalls, trees producing friction due to heavy wind activity, or the sound generated by older television sets when they fail to receive organized signals.

These machines are available in a massive variety of shapes and sizes and for a lot of different purposes, which is why it’s really hard to end up with the top white noise machine 2021.

Some can produce pink or other colors of noise instead, which are still highly similar to white noise.

White noise machines can be for various purposes such as audio testing, sound masking, aiding sleep, and inducing power naps.

Moreover, they are also often used by individuals suffering with tinnitus to mask the symptoms of the problem.

The generated white noise can be used for the treatment of a huge number of health issues, from mental to sensory.

However, in most cases of white noise generation by digital devices, the generated white noise is not completely random, but is looped.

Simple to explain, mechanical devices that consist of basic setups involving enclosed fans that bow air through small slots are also available and can produce the sound.

5 Best White Noise Machine Reviews 2022

Throughout research, we strongly recommend the Marpac DOHM-DS Natural Actual Machine as our best pick.

This product helps people of all ages to stay asleep and have a comfortable night.

It solves your sleeping problem for an affordable price.

There is no doubt about its effectiveness.

This is a multi-speed natural white noise machine and doesn’t include any digital recording.

Instead, it works with a built in fan which creates the rushing air sound.

You can choose either high or low speed according to your convenience and twist the cap to adjust the sound with whole opening. You can customize the volume and tone.

In conclusion, this sound machine is an all-rounder solution for all your sleeping difficulties.

It not only masks the unwanted disruptive noises but it also produces natural white noises to help you fall and stay asleep. It’s a perfect investment for making your sleep restful.

Highlight Features

  • Comes with 8-inch cord.
  • Masks Disruptive sound and promotes sleep.
  • A natural non-digital solution for your sleeping problems.
  • It helps baby to fall and stay asleep.
  • Offers a soft, comfortable background music.


  • Affordable price.
  • It helps you to fall and stay asleep.
  • Perfect sound machine for all age groups.
  • Offers disruptive sound to allow you fall asleep.
  • Portable to take on overnight trips.


  • Can only be run by electrical cord. No battery option.
  • Could be a bit louder and hit a lower pitch.

The Lectrofan white noise machine is an industry leading product thanks to its unique features and reliability.

It’s perfect for babies and adults. We are going to review this product in the following.

This sound machine from Lectrofan utilizes state of the art technology, which creates realistic sounds, this gets rid of disturbing and intrusive noises.

All of them come with volume control.

It is also great for speck privacy as it blocks noises from neighbors, snoring, ringing or hissing.

It’s also good to sound proof your room for study, reading, and sleeping.

Moreover, it’s able to control the startling noises which cause anxiety.

In conclusion, this white noise machine is your sleeping aid if you are a light sleeper.

It makes sure all disruptive noises are taken care of so you don’t have a problem.

Hence, the Lectrofan also makes a perfect product for baby nursing.

Highlight Features

  • A sleep therapy with 10 distinct non-repeating white noise sounds.
  • The sound of rushing air is created in ten different variations. It’s great for noise masking and creating a relaxed background sound.
  • Optimal sleep timer, which lets you choose how long this device will be played.
  • This sound machine can be used anywhere and easy to carry arround; it's perfect for baby nurseries, day care centers and much more. It eliminates the unwanted disruptive noises.


  • Perfect for sleep therapy.
  • Ten different relaxing sounds.
  • Sleep timer for better control.
  • Perfect for baby nursery.
  • Gets rid of unwanted disruptive noises.


  • Comes in only black or white color.
  • It’s a bit expensive as compared to others.

Do you need a Relax Sound Machine to sleep?

You are not alone, a lot of people need a sleep aid.

To help you with it, we are reviewing a sleeping aid that has helped many people getting with their sleeping needs.

The HoMedics SS-2000G AMZ Relax Sound Machine comes with six natural sounds.

It creates a soothin environment with its sound masking abilities.

Moreover, it is able to distract the back noise, which helps you to sleep better.

This sound machine comes with an auto-off timer, which lets you run it for 15, 30 or 60 minutes at a time.

It is a lightweight and compact size device, which makes itself a perfect companion for travel.

You can use with power cord adaptor or four AA batteries.

The Relax Sound Machine is perfect if you need a soft lullaby to sleep.

Most importantly, it’s easy to use and comes at an affordable price.

It’s reliable and perfect for you and your baby. This machine is one of a few that holds many positive reviews to its name.

Highlight Features

  • Six different sounds including Ocean, Summer, Night, Rain, Thunder, Brook and even White Noise.
  • Features an auto off timer.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Comes with both option of power cord and batteries.
  • Run time is 15, 30 and 60 minutes, depends on your settings.
  • Natural sleep aid.


  • Six different sounds.
  • Auto-off timer.
  • Power and batteries.
  • Perfect machine for sleeping aid.
  • Small & light enough to travel with.


  • Could be a bit louder.

Getting your baby to sleep is one of the most challenging things of being a new mother.

myBaby is here to help you with its new white noise machine.

This product is designed for babies and helps them to sleep in a blink of an eye. Following we are going to review it.

The Mybaby Soundspa Portable helps to create comfortable surroundings with its natural sounds.

There are many options to choose from.

This is a perfect gift for new mothers and travelers.

It is easy to carry along and has a sturdy built. It offers an auto-off timer that makes the user experience even better.

Although it’s not just easy to take with you, still very easy to use as well.

This sound machine for babies has a few interesting features. However, its cons cannot be ruled over.

Keeping that in mind, if you are a new mother or someone who likes to sleep in the open.

This device will help you to relax and sleep, so it’s worth the money.

Highlight Features

  • Six different natural sounds including Heartbeat, White Noise, Ocean, Summer Night, Thunderstorm and Brook.
  • Works on both AA Batteries and Adaptor.
  • Auto off timer with 3 different settings, these include 15, 30 and 60 minute.
  • Sleeping aid for babies and adults.
  • Handy for new mothers and travelers.


  • Sleeping aid for all.
  • Auto offer timer with different settings.
  • Easy to use.
  • Both options of power adapter and batteries.
  • Different sound settings.


  • Plastic made.
  • Should have included rechargeable batteries.
  • It’s a bit expensive as compared to its competitors.

The Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner claims to help people who are suffering from restless sleep and having trouble to fall asleep.

We are going to evaluate how it holds fair to this claim. Care to join us.

The Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner Machine certainly is a great sound therapy, which re-creates calming sound of moving air.

This blocks the disturbing background noises and helps to create a relaxed, comfortable surrounding so you can fall asleep without a hitch.

It’s effective if you are a restless sleeper.

A perfect addition to your baby room and much more. Just plug and turn its own.

You can tone the volume according to your needs.

Thanks to its convenient design, you can keep it on nightstands or desktops.

This sound machine is quite an ideal addition to your bedroom if you suffer from restless sleep or trouble sleeping.

It helps you to get a peaceful sleep as it soothes and relaxes the mind.

Highlight Features

  • It creates natural white noise.
  • Soothes the sound of moving air blocks disturbing background noises.
  • Helps for creating an ideal environment for restful sleep.
  • Adjustable tone and volume.
  • White noise sound is quiet to mask surrounding background noises.
  • It's easy to open and tighten the fan blade.


  • Good for baby and concentration.
  • Comes with adjustable tone and volume.
  • Easy to use and reliable.
  • Easy to open and fix if there is any problem.
  • Different variants of white noises.


  • Lacks different sound variations including brook and ocean.
  • Not very loud.

Why Can the White Noise Machine Help People Sleep?

White noise is highly random in nature and every other characteristic, which is why it can effectively mask almost every aural distraction without creating another.

While the human brain has evolved enough to find and even create patterns from almost every sensory data, white noise is still an exception.

Using white noise machines can help you sleep really well, because it does not carry any characteristics your brain can find useful or dangerous in any manner.

This is also the reason why most sleep inducing therapies also involve listening to sounds generated by natural activities, such as rainfall, waterfalls, leaves brushing against each other, etc.

A sound machine that generates white noise can help you effectively mask nearly all aural distractions that may keep you from falling asleep.

Apart from reducing distractions, there are numerous other ways that white noise machines can help you fall asleep, as well as stay that way.

The following are some other benefits that white noise machines offer you to help you ensure a nice sleep:

  • They can help you create an environment that’s quiet to your brain
    White noise machines can help you effectively mask up sounds that might be bothering you or grabbing your attention. It will help you create an environment that’ll allow you to get enough sleep.

    Sure, there will be some noise, but it won’t mean anything to your brain, and hence, won’t cause any interruption.

  • White noise can keep you from thinking
    While it won’t affect anything to your brain and won’t let it focus on anything meaningful, they’ll also help you make sure that your brain doesn’t get forced to generate thoughts that may make it harder for you to fall asleep.

  • These machines can keep you from gaining focus
    White noise machines will stop any other external sounds from getting consciously detected by your brain, which will make you feel something close to absolute quietness. The noise will also keep you from focusing on any other organized thoughts.

  • They’ll also help you establish a bedtime routine
    White noise machines will help you establish a routine that’ll tell your brain that you need to fall asleep; especially when you don’t have a uniform sleeping routine. If your biological clock doesn’t manage to help you out, the white noise will help you fall asleep as soon as you need to, without any difficulties.

  • You’ll stay asleep
    Various disturbing factors can interrupt your sleep; however, using a white noise machine can help you make sure that you cannot detect any such aural stimuli. The random noise will overwhelm your ears without causing any disturbances.

  • They’ll help you sleep better
    It doesn’t matter if you fall sleep right after an interruption; white noise machines can help you sleep better by eliminating most interruptions that may affect the quality of the sleep that you get. In fact, interruptions can waste a lot of your time, cause drowsiness after you wake up, and cause you to sleep more than you would otherwise.

Babies and White Noise

White noise seems to help babies sleep better, stay calm, and more comfortable than in a louder, or even quieter environment. In fact, babies aren’t used to quiet places.

The womb is really loud (from the inside, of course), and that’s what babies are really used to and comfortable with. White noise machines can help babies feel more like ‘home’, and help them experience a significantly greater level of comfort.

It also helps to reduce some factors like stress and paranoia in babies, and help them relax and sleep better. White noise machines can be highly beneficial for babies in a lot of ways.

The following are some of the known benefits that the noise generated by these machines can offer when it comes to helping babies sleep:

  • White noise can reduce stress in babies
    White noise can effectively reduce the stress experienced by babies by blocking all other external stimuli. While it isn’t distracting, it certainly is noticeable.

    It can help babies refocus their attention on the noise from strange faces and other sounds. White noise can effectively reduce the stress experienced by babies in reaction to various sounds, or even quietness.

  • It can help babies sleep
    The white sound machines can help babies fall asleep very easily. White noise, when loud enough, can easily block all kinds of sounds, and at the same time, do not make any sense to the human brain. White noises lack any periodic characteristics, which is why they do not disturb.

  • White noise sounds like ‘shushing’
    hushing your baby might work pretty well, but you can keep doing that all the time. White noise sounds like shushing, which is why it can help you tell babies that everything’s okay; or maybe that they need to shut the hell up.

Many people remain concerned about the harm that white noise may cause to babies. However, white noise is the least harmful kind of sound there is.

Except randomness, white noise lacks any other characteristics.

While the higher frequencies in white noise can sometimes be displeasing, most white noise machines generate pink noise instead, which isn’t unpleasant in any way.

There’s very little that you need to worry about using white noise machines; however, white noise, like any other, can produce certain problems.

It is necessary to make sure that the white noise is too loud for your baby’s ears, and that the nature of the noise is comfortable enough.

For instance, unlike true white noise, the sound you play should lack very high frequencies that tend to induce discomfort.

Benefits of Buying a White Noise Machine

White noise machines can help you out in a lot of ways. The white noise generated by these devices can offer you a variety of benefits that might not be as easy to achieve in any other ways.

The following is a list of some common benefits that white noise generating machines can offer you:

  • They can help you sleep
    White noise machines can help you get a great sleep by blocking out all other sounds that may make falling asleep harder for you. Using a white noise machine can help you sleep faster by blocking out even the mildest sounds that might grab your attention.

    Moreover, using white noise machines can help you retain your sleep by making any noises undetectable to your brain while you’re asleep.

  • They help your babies sleep
    The same way that white noise generating machines help you, they can also help your babies fall asleep, as well as stay relaxed. All kinds of sounds can make babies nervous, which is why white noise can help them by blocking other sounds.

  • White noise can help you work better
    White noise can help you focus better on your work, as well as improve your productivity. It can prevent any interruptive noises from reaching your ear, so your brain doesn’t have to try to find out what they mean, and can focus on the work instead.

  • They can help you relax
    White noise machines can help you relax almost instantly. The white noise generated by these machines will block any external sounds, and will give your brain some time to ignore its meaningless signals and get some rest.

  • White noise machines can help you get your headphones ready
    Many audiophiles believe that running white noise through your headphones or any other speaker devices for some time can help you improve the quality they offer by continuously stimulating the sound-generating parts in nearly every possible manner.

  • White noise can help suppress the symptoms of tinnitus
    Tinnitus can be really annoying, especially because the sounds sensed in this condition are differentiable. White noise machines can help you mask these interruptive and annoying noises.

  • It can be used in mental therapies
    White noise is used for various mental therapies, including the treatment of conditions like anxiety, stress, and others.

  • Power napping
    White noise machines can induce sleep in listeners really quickly, and help them get the rest that do with a complete sleep cycle, without actually completing it by skipping out the first few stages, significantly reducing the time spent.

What to Look For When Buying a White Noise Machine

Buying a noise machine is an important decision and one must compare different features to get the right one. While there is no one size fits all solution, you can match your requirements with the variety of choices available.

A sound machine to be used in a daycare will differ from the one to be used in a dorm. While the market space is flooded with myriad brands claiming to deliver the high-end white noise machineit’s vital to consider certain features before heading for purchase.

  • Quality and Choice of Sounds
    Some sleep sound machines are simply on/off with volume control and devoid of any choices. It’s advisable to pick a machine that offers more than one sound. You can find options with varied sounds like waterfall, crickets, seashore, thunder and surf.

    Some brands also include features like “richness” levels and dynamic sound mixing. It’s desirable to buy a machine that produces a smooth and consistent sound. The quality of sound is also primary to the user. It should produce soothing, smooth and sleep inducing sounds that aid in relaxing the brain. The choices may differ as per usage by babies and adults.

  • Noise Masking
    It’s prerequisite for any sleep machine to have noise masking capabilities apart from producing its own sounds. With so much of hustle in other parts of the home or outside, it’s futile to just produce a waterfall sound. The cardinal purpose is to aid comfortable sleep and masking disturbances is an important feature to consider.

  • Portability
    When you’re buying any sound machine for better sleep, it’s crucial to consider portability as a feature. It’s always comfortable to have a gadget that is easy to move around and can be placed at a desired location. Lightweight and compact machines are preferred for domestic use.

  • Power
    Sound machines could be powered via USB, wall socket or batteries. Batteries contribute to the portability but add to the cost of using the machine. You can also look for rechargeable batteries if you travel often. For general home usage, a wall socket operated machine is the best choice. It saves you from the hassle of batteries.

  • Sleep timer
    With modern lifestyles becoming hectic, timer feature is always time saving and comfortable. The machine automatically switches off after a set time and you need not to bother about it running whole night. You can set the timer as per the child’s sleeping habits without any need to switch it off. It saves energy and the hassle to check the machine repeatedly.

  • Aesthetic Appeal
    Apart from the technical specifications, a feel good model and appearance is desirable in any gadget. Bulky, boring and boxy machine is not worth the price. You can pick a sleek, stylish and visually appealing gadget from the myriad options available. There are several machines that come in cute teddy bear and soft toy looks to suit your kids’ room décor.

  • Remote Control
    Some manufacturers provide you with full-fledged features and a remote control is included as part of the package. The remote control is functional from a comfortable distance and you can switch off the machine as per convenience.

  • Usage
    You may find machines that are simple on/off while others have rotating caps and multi button. It’s crucial to consider a user friendly machine that’s easy to operate and understand.

  • Multi featured Sound machine
    In the age of multi functionality gadgets, it’s easy to find a noise machine that is also an alarm clock, light projector, monitor and a lot more. If you are planning to invest in a machine that serves you many purposes, you will find some great options in the market.

  • Warranty
    Spending some money on a machine that breaks down in a few months can be disappointing. Pragmatically, you will need the machine from newborn to toddler stage of your baby. One must look for a sleep machine that gives a warranty of at least two to three years.

Is White Noise Harmful to Your Babies?

Without a doubt, selecting the right white noise machine could be a tough choice when there are claims doubting its safety features.

Machines from trusted brands are prepared with extensive research and great quality standards making them safe for adults and babies as well.

Free from any radiation, pulse or harmful emissions, white noise is a mechanical phenomenon considered safe by medical practitioners.

With tuning, volume and sound control features, you can regulate the amount of noise comfortable for yourself. Studies conducted so far have found white noise to be safe for human brain and hearing.

As the machines are approved by international health standards and widely used in many places, one can be assured of its safety and reliability.

Many studies have also revealed positive impact of white noise in certain cases.

It is recommended that you consult an expert before buying a white noise machine for your home.


The 2-speed sound option and friendly usability makes it simple to operate. Engineered with superior acoustics, the brand is a trusted name for providing quality and long lasting sleep machines. The compact, lightweight and user friendly machine can be used anywhere.

Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise Sound Machine - Editor's Choice

If you want to look at a machine with good features and value for money, Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise Sound Machine is a great choice. This 120 V machine has compact dimensions and user friendly features. Ideal for day cares, apartments and college dorms, this sleep machine has superior noise masking capabilities.

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